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As supporters of a football club, there is nothing better to get interaction from the club you supports, and its staff.

These days social media has made that a lot easier, with many players and staff being able to click and share aspects of their personal lives, as well as club related items such as exclusive footage and images of training, match days etc.

So why as fans, do we try and jeopardise this?

Chelsea fans in particular have called for more club interaction in recent years. But now we have coaches such as Jody Morris and Joe Edwards posting photos from training, and giving their views – yet to only be greeted by odd trolling from some Chelsea fans.

On a recent Tweet from Jody Morris, you will see below that some fans decided it would be amusing to post lots of images of Marcos Alonso with a red cross through it. Others followed suit and his tweet was full of the same replies.

Then just yesterday, Morris tweeted again, and fans decided to the same thing again.

I’m all for a laugh, and I also don’t rate Alonso as a player. However, this is disrespecting Morris in my view, and that’s out of order.

The same thing happened to another club coach Joe Edwards when he tweeted recently.

Do you want these guys to be out there interacting with us, showing us videos, views and photos that we won’t normally see? If you do, then stop this nonsense.

For a starters, do you think it’s going to make any difference what a few people on social media are telling Morris to do with the squad? Do you think that telling him to sell Alonso, will then make him go and list Alonso on the transfer market? Because it wont.

What it will achieve though is us seeing less posts from club staff members and players, and eventually none at all.

Do you really want to stop the little interaction we get from them right now? Because many of us don’t.

Voice your views of course, but do it respectfully.


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