Frank Lampard
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(Yes, we are aware that by writing this article, we will inevitably cause Frank to be appointed later today…)

We wrote earlier this summer that Chelsea would have learned their lessons from last summer. It seems we were wrong. Two and a half weeks after it was announced that Maurizio Sarri had joined Juventus, and more than a week after Derby said they had allowed us to speak to Frank Lampard, we are still without a manager.

It was assumed that our previous boss would only be let go once we had a replacement ready to go. That was not correct.

It was then assumed that, once compensation was agreed with Derby, it would be a formality to get a deal done with Lampard. That was also not correct.

Instead, just like last summer, the appointment is dragging on and on. Last year saw a furious Antonio Conte turning up to take a few days of preseason before Maurizio Sarri was appointed. Now we are just 48 hours from the same thing happening all over again.

We don’t know what the hold up is – Frank’s holiday apparently disrupted things, but that doesn’t really explain the holdup. It’s been clear for a long time that Sarri wanted out, and that Lampard was the man to replace him. It seems odd it’s been delayed so much.

There is just one week until our first friendly now. How long does it take to appoint a club legend as manager? Quite a long time, evidently… It’s not like they even have any transfers to worry about in the meantime!

Roman, please just get it sorted today. We can’t take the anticipation anymore.

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luke andrew
luke andrew
1 year ago

Will where are you