Antonio Conte
Antonio Conte has commended his Chelsea players for their focus amid transfer speculation.

Antonio Conte has accredited the secret methods put into place by his backroom team for the Chelsea Football Club players’ lack of injuries over the course of this season, but also admits that plain good luck has played a big role in the players’ continued good health.

A mere 18 different players have begun a match for the Premier League under Conte’s management this season, and 7 men, Cesar Azpilicueta; Gary Cahill; Eden Hazard; Diego Costa; Thibaut Courtois; David Luiz and N’Golo Kante, have started a minimum of 30 of the 35 fixtures in the competition.

None of the main figures in Chelsea’s rush to the brink of the title have skipped extended stretches during the campaign, despite several players, including Courtois, David Luiz, Marcos Alonso and Victor Moses, picking up trouble at various stages, and Conte is of the opinion that his staff should be proud of this record.

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When asked why he has depended on certain players over this season, Conte has said that there weren’t many injuries, and, when you are in this kind of happy position, you will try not to repeatedly play with the same men, but make use of between 15 and 17 players instead.

He stated that his players and he had worked incredibly hard, but were also very good at what they did, and were, further, very fortunate as well. Punters who placed soccer bets can hardly fail to notice the kind of success Chelsea has been enjoying.

Conte Implemented a Gruelling Pre-Season Programme

Conte brought in fitness coaches Paolo Bertelli, Costantino Coratti and Julio Tous, along with Tiberio Ancora, a nutritionist, when he came to Chelsea in July.

He then put an incredibly demanding pre-season programme of double training sessions into place, above and beyond making extensive changes to the overall dietary routine of the squad.

But the former manager for Italy and Juventus also scheduled in adequate rest time alongside the intense tactical and physical work his players were undergoing. He made the decision to give them 2 full days off after their matches were played.

Conte stated that his staff and he have a method, created from Conte’s wealth of experience as a footballer and that of his career as a manager.

He went on to say that he has attempted to find the correct solution to working with his players to extend their fitness levels over an entire season.

Working Hard Prevents Injuries, Says Conte      

Conte has said that their hard work on the physical aspects of the players’ game, along with that which focuses on tactics, was put into place in order to avoid injuries occurring.

Although he would not reveal his secret, he is pleased with the fact that it is working, as is evidenced by the lack of injuries his players have had to contend with. He thanked his staff for their input.

Mental and Physical Adversity are Part of the Game

The Chelsea boss has said that suffering is the normal result of hard work, and that he had never seen an exception to this rule.

He said that distress helped players get stronger, and increased their ability to handle a range of situations, most importantly those problems which often arise when a game is in play.

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