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If you’re abusing Hudson-Odoi for playing poorly then YOU are part of his bad form

Callum Hudson Odoi


If you’re abusing Hudson-Odoi for playing poorly then YOU are part of his bad form

It is obvious to me, a 19-year old receiving abuse online (and yes that also means those ridiculous red crosses over his picture) for playing poorly, is only going to make him play poorer and with no confidence as a result!

It really does beckon belief that anyone in their right mind who is a Chelsea supporter thinks its a good idea to abuse a player because of their performances.

Just look at this snippet from an article written by Chelsea insider Simon Johnson and you try telling me that the abuse is not affecting Callum Hudson-Odoi’s performances…

I have often criticised players whilst supporting my club in the last 30 odd years. But the difference between offering critique and offering abuse is one will drive the player to improve, whilst the other will more often than not cause the player to lose confidence and his morale to drop.

There are some players with extreme mentalities who will thrive in both. But in this day and age where the players are regulars on social media, they see it ALL. And it directly affects them, especially a player so young.

Hudson-Odoi has returned from a very serious injury. In fact, he returned early which was quite miraculous.

He is still a teenager, and he is still learning the game. It takes time to build the muscles around the injury again, but most importantly it will take a player of his age time to regain the confidence that he proved he had last season.

Some ‘fans’ are targeting him because of his large new wage packet after signing a new deal. But his advisers are his family, the same people who believed he should have gone to Bayern Munich last season when he wasn’t being picked.

Again, you are abusing him because of this, when he is just a player who believes in his own talent, and a player who is listening to the advise of those closest to him. All he wants to do is play football, and he adores Chelsea, despite what has happened.

Do you not see that by abusing Hudson-Odoi, you are having a direct impact on his performances, therefore having a direct impact on the Chelsea results on the pitch. Why on earth would anyone think this is ok?

The only thing Hudson-Odoi needs now is support, and perhaps some tough love from the coaches. He is severely playing without confidence.

Those abusing him and doubting his talents have short term memories and have forgotten about how his form last season drew approaches from some of Europe’s best teams, turned him into a senior England international at the age of 18, and seen him become Chelsea’s second best winger after Eden Hazard.

If you want Hudson-Odoi to prove his worth, which is what we all want, then stop the abuse.


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Tobenna K. O Abano
Tobenna K. O Abano
10 months ago

I think Odoi was well aware he was injured while trying to forced a move to Bayern, can’t have such showing of disregard and ask to be treated with patience when you don’t deliver

10 months ago

Well said buddy.
That should be printed and put up all round Stamford Bridge.

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