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The John Stones saga produced one of the most drawn out debacles in recent memories, and going by Chelsea’s performances at the start of the season, it’s no wonder they wanted to bolster their defence with the talented youngster.

When Chelsea and Everton met in the Premier League recently, the Toffees stole a 3-1 victory, with Stones adding further salt to the wound by putting in a stellar performance.

Chelsea’s failure to sign the centre back is a sore subject for Mourinho, with the Special One storming out of a routine pre-match interview at Everton when questioned about the ordeal. The fact that Stones put in an immense performance in that game would have not helped Jose’s anger.

Jose seems to be feeling the pinch

In fact, Mourinho’s temper flared again during the post match formalities. Jose was incensed at how long he was made to wait to give his post match interview, directing his anger at Roberto Martinez, even going as far to swear at him.

Mourinho has always been a fiery character, but he generally retains his characteristic cool. At times, his hyper-competitive streak does shine through, but never quite like this. With a team as strong as Chelsea’s, you would expect them to be putting in solid performances week in week out, much as they did last season. However, this hasn’t been the case – especially when you consider that Steven Naismith was able to dismantle Chelsea by scoring a hat trick

To put this into context, the Blues have already lost the same amount of league games that they did throughout the entirety of the previous season.

Mourinho will also be acutely aware of the challenges his team will have to face in their European campaign, too. They have a tricky group to emerge from, and going by their recent run of form, realistically, they could be making an early exit if they can’t find some form. That worry was eased somewhat with the 4-0 drubbing of Maccabi Tel-Aviv, although the fact that Eden Hazard missed a penalty in the opening stages of the game produced further concern – this time for the capabilites of their star man rather than the side on a whole.

You don’t earn the name of the ‘Special One’ for nothing

Jose has been in every situation possible throughout his managing career. He knows how to get the best out of his players – he’s just not that good at losing graciously.

Competing in Europe could give the team the chance they need to turn their performances around. No one wants to exit Europe’s top flight prematurely and Chelsea have often been known as a side who takes the Champions League incredibly seriously.

Our prediction: Chelsea will turn it around and start winning in Europe. Many critics are saying that they’ve blown the titles already – this could be true with Chelsea now the fourth favourites.

Even if that’s the case, there’s still plenty of silverware that they can challenge for. We will be surprised if they leave this season empty handed in terms of silverware – the Special One is at the helm, after all.

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