Olivier Giroud

Chelsea have a striker problem, we are all aware of this. It’s something that’s been hovering around for the last few years, since Diego Costa left.

The Spaniard was our last ‘real striker’. The one who would play every game without a doubt, and the one you could usually rely on.

This season, they have three strikers who split opinions entirely. If you see any poll on who is the best, it will always be close.

Frank Lampard is also having similar thoughts in his head. He’s mixed up choosing Tammy Abraham and Olivier Giroud so far, and has said Michy Batshuayi will also get his chances.

But for me, it’s SO important to have a regular striker, the main one, playing consistently, building up confidence and having that link up with the rest of the players, knowing where the pass is going to go, when it’s coming to feet, when they need to be in the box, etc etc.

But we have an issue, where we do not know who that main guy is.

Giroud is probably the one who just edges ahead right now. But I think if Abraham had a real run of games, he could prove a few people wrong.

Batshuayi is a goal-scorer, but his football intelligence and ability to be coached is often questioned.

I’d like to see a real run of games handed to one of our strikers and see what they can do. It’s early in the season so hopefully it will happen and one of them does enough to have the opportunity.

But even still, a new striker still has to be a priority for Chelsea when they can sign players again. This time, it has to be ‘the one’.

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