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The problems outlined by Frank Lampard are a mirror image of last season

Frank Lampard


The problems outlined by Frank Lampard are a mirror image of last season

Frank Lampard has been discussing the reasons his side failed to beat Sheffield United on Saturday, and his comments will be all too familiar for Chelsea fans.

Lampard told the Chelsea WebsiteΒ “We needed to move the ball quicker because we were taking too much time in possession.”

This is exactly what Maurizio Sarri would say last season. Sarri of course ended up leaving the club and going to Juventus.

He has stated previously that he doesn’t need the transfer market and can get his players to play his philosophy.

He clearly left Chelsea for a number of reasons, but one of those is that I feel he may have changed his mind on whether he could get this particular set of players to play his way. I think some of the lack of quality really surprised him.

Lampard plays a similar style of attacking football to Sarri, albeit not as much about getting high possession numbers.

Even still, it’s about moving the ball fast, and being fluid with it.

A lot of these players are the same players who were here last season. So they’ve had well over a year of learning to move the ball quicker.

I know that a style of football takes a long time to implement, even Pep Guardiola had struggles at Manchester City initially. But surely a basic thing like moving the ball faster should have been mastered by now?

I felt sorry for Sarri at times due to some of the average players he was working with, despite him having his own flaws. I feel sorry for Lampard now having to deal with the same issues.

Of course Lampard has added some exciting young players and my mindset remains positive under his reign. But it does make me feel a little more willing to get that transfer ban overturned.

We certainly need a few more players with better footballing intelligence and quality, if we are to play the way Lampard wants.


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