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How these comments from Pedro show how far Chelsea’s standards have fallen



How these comments from Pedro show how far Chelsea’s standards have fallen

Chelsea winger Pedro has claimed that the team are on the verge of a ‘great season’. It just goes to show how far our standards have dropped.

The Spaniard, who scored eight and assisted two in the league this season, is insistent that the squad will have achieved something this term if they win the Europa League.

Pedro is quoted by Yahoo Sport saying:

“We are in the Champions League, the final of the [EFL] Cup and also in another final now.”

“If we win this European title, then it is a great season for us.”

A stark reminder of the new Chelsea standards

Maurizio Sarri


Let’s pick these quotes apart, piece by piece.

First of all, Champions League qualification. While it’s commendable that we have achieved our season ambition to get back into the competition, it’s hardly a triumph.

Chelsea used to have a guaranteed spot in the Champions League, we’ve now missed out on top four twice in the past four seasons. It’s not good enough.

It’s especially depressing when you consider that this year’s final is Tottenham vs. Liverpool, two of Chelsea’s domestic rivals, one of which will be the victor.

Urgh. The thought of it.

We’d also like to congratulate Pedro and the rest of the squad for reaching the Carabao Cup final… and not winning it. Are we really going to give praise for failure?

Granted, we had a tough run to the final, overcoming both Liverpool and Spurs, but it’s a competition few take seriously – and who cares about the runners-up?

To suggest that winning the Europa League would now make this a ‘great season’ is enough to bring vomit to the mouth of any Chelsea fan.

We have been dreadful in periods and finished the league season 26 points off the top. Even if we win in Baku, by Chelsea’s standards this season is far from ‘great’.

We’re not going to get back to where we belong if we embrace mediocrity and celebrate minor triumphs of this kind. The players need to realise that, and fast.

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1 year ago

Perfeito Pedro. O chelsea se acostumou com pouco, não podemos aceitar isso. Quanto tempo não temos um atacante TOP 5?

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