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Christian Pulisic arrived at Chelsea with a large price tag on his back, and he also had the weight of replacing Eden Hazard at the club, even though nobody is expecting him to be a replacement.

Hazard is one in a million. Even still, Pulisic will have thoughts of him hovering around in his head.

The American international has only just turned 21 and sometimes that is easy to forget. He is a player that has seemed to be around for a long long time.

Pulisic is the star player in his national team, the one they lean on for the creative and attacking spark, a lot like Chelsea have been with Hazard for many years.

Pulisic has come in to Chelsea and although he hasn’t been poor as such, he has looked a little timid at times. But that’s only natural, the season is only 5 games in and fans must allow him time to settle in.

The Premier League is notoriously different to any other league in the world and some players take longer to settle, especially younger players.

Some fans will show patience, others will question his ability. But when you actually dive into the statistics, as an attacking player, he is showing up in two of the most important offensive areas.

Pulisic is actually getting 0.3 assists for Chelsea per game and that is over 4 games. Only Marcos Alonso and Michy Batshuayi have got a higher rate, but they have only had 2 appearances.

He is also one of the club’s most successful dribblers so far. In 4 appearances he is averaging 2 successful dribbles a match.

Compare that to Willian, who is on the same appearances, he is just behind with 1.8. The only two players with higher successful dribbles is Mason Mount (2.2) and Mateo Kovacic (2.8), but they have both had an extra appearance.

Other than not registering a goal yet, the other main reason he has been gaining some criticism will be partly down to the fact that he has been dispossessed the most out of any player at the club so far.

He has 2.3 unsuccessful touches per game, and he is dispossessed 3.5 times per game.

The nearest player to that is Mason Mount, but he is still far away from that stat, being dispossessed 1.5 times per game and having 2 unsuccessful touches per game.

Stats via Who Scored.


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