Hudson Odoi
Julian Finney/Getty Images

Chelsea are doing everything in their power to keep Callum Hudson-Odoi, but while they’ve done everything they can financially to entice him, there are still circumstances that can affect the player’s decision.

The way things are going at the moment are bad for Chelsea, but could be good for Callum if they create opportunities for him.

That’s what lead to Chelsea blogger Si Philips posting the following Tweet:

Now we don’t believe for one second that he actually has any contacts close to the player. But there is an easy logic to what he says, which he’s trying to pass off as inside information.

The departure of Eden Hazard, which now looks certain, and the transfer ban currently in place, means that CHO has every chance of starting next season as one of our starting wingers.

He would only have to get past an ageing Willian or Pedro to do that – probably an easier challenge than what he would face at Dortmund, Bayern or any of the other clubs linked with attempts to sign him.

So perhaps all of this badness can produce some good?

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