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What is the future for Diego Costa?

diego costa


What is the future for Diego Costa?

After an approach from Chinese Super League club, Tianjin Quanjian, Costa’s future at Chelsea has become unclear. According to reports, Costa had been complaining of a lower back problem, however the coaches at the club doubted the validity of his injury and instead believed that he was distracted by an offer from China.

This lead to a heated argument between Conte and Costa, and Costa was made to train on his own. He was also left out of the Chelsea squad last Saturday, when Chelsea defeated Leicester.

Despite this, Costa will be available for selection tomorrow- when we play Hull. Tianjin Quanjian have reportedly halted their pursuit of Costa in this transfer window. However, there is nothing stopping the Chinese club from putting in another bid this Summer.

The immense amount of money on offer for Costa in China will force him to notice the bid, and personally I’m not sure that he will continue his career at Chelsea after the season ends.

£30 million a season is the amount Costa has been offered in China. A colossal amount of money, it would be very hard to turn down that amount of money.

Additionally, Costa’s past suggests that he will not be particularly loyal to Chelsea. Before becoming a Spanish International, he made two appearances for Brazil but then ditched the country he grew up in for Spain.

Conversely, Conte has insisted:

“I think the player wants to stay at Chelsea. He is very happy to play with us and this idea is far from his mind. He is happy to stay here, happy to play with us and this is the most important thing for us.”

Conte’s recent comments suggest that all is well between Costa and the coaches now, possibly suggesting that the idea of China has completely left Costa’s mind now and he is focused on Chelsea.

In the short term it seems the 28-year-old will stay at Chelsea but in the future there is nothing stopping Tianjin Quanjian trying to lure Costa away from the bridge again.

John Terry posted a photo which shows Costa getting along with his team-mates in training

This problem, to me, seems like it has been solved for now but will return in the summer and it’s hard to see Costa denying £30 million a second time.

Conte and Costa are two fiery, passionate characters, Conte seems to be fighting fire with fire and this may not be the best way to get Costa to stay at Chelsea. If Conte can find the right way to manage Costa, maybe there is more chance of the striker staying.

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