Frank Lampard
Marc Atkins/Getty Images

It’s being reported by that Chelsea have already spoken with Frank Lampard about taking over as manager should Maurizio Sarri leave the club to join Juventus.

In an ideal world Sarri would have stuck around for another year or two while Frank found his feet at Derby. But the world doesn’t work like that, and when things start happening, you’ve got to grab your chances with both hands – they might not come round again.

One of the fears people have for Frank is that he’s taking over with the club in a bad way. That’s true, but things aren’t looking to get better anytime soon. The transfer ban is a blow to the club, but it actually works in Lampard’s favour. It massively lowers expectations for his first team, meaning he’s going to get what amounts to a free hit.

Nobody thinks we can compete for the league or the Champions League with this squad, so he can just work on bringing through some young players and establishing his style.

Then, in a year’s time we will be ready to spend big, upgrade the first team, and start to see what Frank can do for real.

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