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This might very well be it. The moment that might have taken place a year ago in the worst of our days might soon become reality in this wonderful season we’re having as Oscar comes tantalisingly close to leaving Stamford Bridge for the air pollution and $$$ of China.

According to recent reports from The Times, our soon to be former player will be earning a mouth/eye watering salary of 400k Pounds after tax, making him the THIRD highest payed player on the planet, only after the naturally big two Ronaldo and Messi, and ahead of all his Chelsea teammates of course.

And after our the game last night, Conte was naturally asked about the whole deal and he gave as much of a confirmation to it as one can reasonably expect from the Italian, as per ChelseaFC.com:

“The situation of Oscar will be clear in the next days. I prefer to stop talking! Oscar started the season very well with us when we played 4-3-3.

When I switched to another formation he didn’t play a lot but I always count on him because he is a really good young player.

Sometimes there are situations that are very difficult to face, but his situation will be clearer in the next days.”

What interests us most right now is probably the fee we will receive to compensate for the departure of our now bench player and the answer would of course be, another record fee. Most reports have had this between £50 and £60 million so it will most likely exceed the 50 million Pounds we received for the heart of our defence David Luiz, who we of course signed back in the summer for around £38 million (man. we’re really good at doing business!)

Some-if not many-will be sad that Oscar will no longer be able to disappoint us on a weekly basis on the pitch (that may be a harsh assessment) but the reality is that we have sacrificed a lot for the sake of Oscar’s development.

Mata and De Bruyne were basically sold because he was our “designated” #10 under the previous regime under premise and the promises from our manager at the time that Oscar can be as decisive as Hazard and consistently replicate the performance he put in his first ever start for us, incidentally against our current manager’s Juventus.

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But even after hopefully waiting for years for Oscar to reach the heights we believed he was capable of reaching, we were virtually always disappointed and the last two years have been evidence that maybe, just maybe, he’s never going to be what we thought he could be. And while many of us love him, it might be time to wave goodbye.

This is basically the story of a baby who never managed to become a man (and I’m not talking about his still baby-innocent face) and thankfully almost all the parties involved will somehow be able to count themselves as winners, so everyone ends up being happy. So we can only wish Oscar the best of luck in his endeavours and adventures in the east. Try not to breath in too much smoke, old friend.

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