Mateo Kovacic
Matthias Hangst/Bongarts/Getty Images

There IS an option to buy in the loan deal that will see Mateo Kovacic join Chelsea for the 2018/19 campaign, according to Sky Sport‘s Angelo Mangiante.

The Kovacic deal has come out of the blue. It looks to have something to do with Real Madrid’s pursuit of Chelsea keeper Thibaut Courtois. A deal sweetener, if you like.

We struggled to see what the point of it was when initial reports claimed that there was no option to buy in the deal. Why would we develop a Real Madrid player for them at the expense of our youngsters?

It didn’t make sense. Thankfully, Mangiante has offered further clarification on the deal, and there is thought to be a clause involved that will allow Chelsea to sign Kovacic on a permanent basis next summer.

If true, then it looks to be a shrewd bit of business for the club. Kovacic’s best years are still ahead of him. He has the potential to develop into one of the world’s best midfielders. We’d love to see him do it at Stamford Bridge.

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