Mateo Kovacic will stay beyond his loan – he’s all-but confirmed it

By @jamiew_tc  
11th August 2018
Mateo Kovacic

Mateo Kovacic has pretty much confirmed on Instagram that he will not be returning to Real Madrid next season.

The Croatian signed for Chelsea on a season-long loan – without an option to buy. Spanish reports suggested that he would be expected to report back to the Santiago Bernabeu next season, but Kovacic himself does not appear to have any intention of doing so.

Kovacic posted a message on Instagram to the Real Madrid faithful following his departure from the club. His words certainly sound like they come from a man saying goodbye for good, rather than for a year.

It seems likely that there’s a gentleman’s agreement between Real Madrid and Chelsea for the permanent transfer of Kovacic next summer. Following the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo, it’s possible that Florentino Perez didn’t want to further disgruntle the fans.

One way or another, we would expect to have clarification on whether Kovacic will be here long-term at some point in the coming season. It’s no secret which outcome Chelsea fans are all hoping for!

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