N’Golo Kante is superhuman. It’s the only possible explanation.

Not only is the Frenchman one of the greatest midfielders in the world, and he possesses one of the greatest engines this game has ever seen, but he’s also a lot stronger than he looks.

Kante proved that on Tuesday night when he went shoulder-to-shoulder with Germany forward Timo Werner. He looked likely to get shoved to the floor and lose possession, but he was never going to allow that to happen.

Instead, Kante generated an enormous amount of strength for someone of his stature, and somehow, out-muscled Werner and got to the ball first.

You have to see it to believe it, and even then, it’s hard to believe.

Kante continues to amaze us – he doesn’t appear to have any weakness. We’d love to see him do the same to compatriot Paul Pogba at the Bridge on Saturday. If Pogba ended up on the turf, even better…

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