Liverpool fans really do not deserve Mohamed Salah.

The former Chelsea winger, who was not granted an opportunity to impress during his time at Stamford Bridge, has been tearing the Premier League to shreds during his debut season at Anfield.

Predictably, it has not taken the Liverpool faithful long to fall in love with him, with some even coming up with songs to honour their 29-goal superstar.

However, some have taken it too far. Ahead of Liverpool’s tie with FC Porto in the Champions League, a group of fans were videoed singing, “if he scores another few then I’ll be Muslim too”, about Salah.

Although their intentions appear to be positive, and it is merely supposed to be their way of showing their support for Salah, some may interpret it as them making a mockery of his faith.

It would be interesting to see what Salah himself thought about this particular chant…

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