Less than a minute of producing one of the worst misses you’re ever likely to see at this level, Alvaro Morata has just scored his second goal of the game against Nottingham Forest.

Morata was essentially stood on the goal-line when the ball found its way into his feet. Somehow, he wasn’t able to find the back of Luke Steele’s net. It’s genuinely astonishing.

In true Morata fashion, it didn’t take him long to add his second goal of the game. After another brilliant ball from the right-hand-side from Callum Hudson-Odoi, Morata directed his header into the bottom corner of the Forest goal.

We have never known such a hot and cold striker. He continues to baffle us. His inconsistency in front of goal may make him unsuitable to start for us, but it certainly makes a fun watch.

Never change, Alvaro! We might be able to win something with a better centre-forward at the spearhead of our attack, but we certainly wouldn’t get as many laughs!

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1 year ago

morata is an absolute god