Owen Hargreaves
Owen Hargreaves thinks Chelsea have a chance of causing a shock against Barcelona.

Former Manchester United and Bayern Munich midfielder Owen Hargreaves has slated the amount of players Chelsea have out on loan, the Standard reports.

Hargreaves believes that something has to be done to cut the amount of players the club can loan. As per the Standard, the Blues have an astonishing 34 players out on loan according to the club’s official website.

Whilst manager Antonio Conte as addressed several times about the lack of depth in the Chelsea squad, some of these players would have been useful to the team. But in these recent comments, Hargreaves insists that it isn’t right for the club to have this amount of players out on loan.

The Standard quotes Hargreaves saying:

“They shouldn’t be able to accumulate that many players and have them on loan, I just don’t agree with it, I think the Premier League should find a way to affect that, I don’t think it is right.”

Hargreaves also used Marco van Ginkel as an example of a player who has failed to come through the system, being out on loan in the last five seasons.

There is evidence that the system can work with players like Thibaut Courtois and more recently Andreas Christensen coming through the ranks.

However, it is hard to disagree with Hargreaves that there are too many players playing elsewhere despite Chelsea being their parent club.

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Daniel Tweed
Daniel Tweed
3 years ago

Not certain Hargreaves realises each team, including CFC, can only play 11 players at a time … plus 3 others from the squad. Surely he must also realise 34 on loan players don’t fit … therefore, playing ‘somewhere’ to hone their skills is much better than not playing at all.… Read more »