Craig Bellamy has been talking absolute nonsense when discussing potential successors for Chelsea manager Antonio Conte on Sky Sports PL.

The Italian only won the Premier League title seven months ago, yet there still appears to be somewhat of a question mark over his long-term future at Stamford Bridge.

Antonio Conte
Chelsea manager Antonio Conte won the Premier League title during his debut campaign at Stamford Bridge.

Conte signed a new contract with the Blues over the summer, but as shown in the club’s report of the news, there was no increase in the length of his deal, presumably he was just given improved terms.

Whether this is a reflection of the club’s reluctance to commit to him, or the other way round, remains to be seen, but it doesn’t bode well.

Naturally when there is speculation over the future of a manager, which at Chelsea seems to be every five minutes, the question is asked – who should come in to replace him?

Bellamy has an absurd idea. The former Manchester City man spoke on Sky Sports PL about the possibility of ex-Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers taking the reins in SW6. See the below video.

Rodgers was formerly a coach at Chelsea, he knows the club inside-out. However, he proved after the departure of Luis Suarez that he does not have the ability to manage a top Premier League side, regardless of his success at Celtic.

Chelsea can do a lot better than Rodgers IF Conte departs, and that is still a very big if. He has 18 months left to run on his contract, let’s see what happens.

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2 years ago

Oh my God! So Chelsea has shrinked so rapidly that Brendan or whatever he is calld has now been tipped to be the team coach? And if this kind of bullshit is what makes people call somebody like Bellany a sport pundit, i think all of them should go and… Read more ยป