Incredible Eden Hazard stat proves Alvaro Morata needs to be dropped

By @TalkChelsea  
28th November 2018
Morata Hazard
  • Hazard has not scored this season with Morata on the pitch.
  • All seven of Hazard’s PL goals have come alongside Giroud.
  • Is it time to drop Morata for good? Let us know @TalkChelsea.

Eden Hazard cannot play with Alvaro Morata. That’s not an opinion, there is concrete evidence to support that view.

Morata is bad enough as it is at times. The Spaniard is frustrating and unreliable, even if at times he gives us hope that he could come good at some point in the future.

Unfortunately, it’s not only Morata who suffers as a result of his shortfalls. Our best and most important player, Hazard, does too.

Remarkably, Hazard has not scored this season while Morata has been on the pitch. All seven of his Premier League goals came with Olivier Giroud on the field of play.

Mins with Giroud = 362 Goals with Giroud = 7 🔥 Mins with Morata = 421 Goals with Morata = 0 👎

That tells you everything you need to know. Morata does not link with his fellow attackers as well as Giroud. He doesn’t occupy the defence in the manner that Giroud does.

What does he do?

We’re not going to have our mind changed by a flurry of goals from Morata. We don’t trust him, and it’s hard to imagine that Eden does either.

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