Maybe we shouldn’t laugh, especially after Roman Abramovich pulled the plug on plans to redevelop the Bridge.

However, there’s no getting around it – Tottenham’s new stadium looks like a toilet.

Spurs shared the below images of their new stadium on Twitter on Saturday morning. It’s supposed to be ready by the start of the new season, but it looks some way off.

Even if it gets completed the North London side won’t be playing on a construction side for the start of the season, they’ll definitely be playing in a toilet.

Everyone said the thing after they posted the images. Replies flooded in highlighting their stadium’s striking resemblance to a lavatory.

It’s quite fitting really, isn’t it? It’s exactly where the s*** belongs, down the toilet.

We love nothing better than to laugh at Tottenham’s expense, and we had no intention of passing up this golden opportunity to do so once again.

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2 years ago

What can you do but LAUGH, thats Spuds again down the carsey