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It looks certain now that Maurizio Sarri will be leaving Chelsea, with Frank Lampard set to replace him as manager.

That is a decision that should go some way to uniting what has been an incredibly divided fanbase this season. If there’s any way to get everyone pulling in the same direction again, it’s appointing your club’s top goalscorer as manager.

Of course there are plenty who would like our current boss to stay, who may be reluctant to accept the change as a positive. But even those who would like to see the Sarri experiment to continue can surely see the logic in this move for all parties.

Even the most ardent backers of the former Napoli boss know that he would be fighting an uphill battle by staying. The fans can be won back by good performances, but with a transfer ban in place, Eden Hazard gone and a squad that’s aged a year, it will be hard to move forward from what ended up being a good season last year.

Sarri seems eager to quit while he’s ahead, and everyone – no matter how much they want to see him stay at the club, can agree that given Chelsea’s record with managers, and given the way that the fans at the Bridge have decided he’s not for them, it will be immensely difficult for him to turn things round.

In all likelihood, we would see the Italian sacked at some point next season, condemning us to another caretaker, and another appointment next summer. Another wasted year.

This way, while it pains plenty of us, we have a uniting force at the helm again as we go into this uniquely difficult season. Even the most pro-Sarri voices can surely see that this may be best for him – and for us.

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