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Chelsea’s last couple of months has been pretty ugly in terms of results.

Looking back to the start of December, when they were beaten by a moribund Everton under Marco Silva, the Blues have won just three league games.

Out of those three, one was a win over Burnley which we were very fortunate to get, relying on a dodgy penalty and a keeping error to hand them three points.

The only reason that there isn’t more concern about our form is that the teams around us have done badly enough to conspire to keep us in the Champions League places, and because those other two wins came in important matches.

Beating Tottenham 2-0 in a game where we played extremely well, and turning round a 1-0 deficit against Arsenal at the Emirates were too impressive results, and they’ve bought Frank Lampard a lot of credit.

Chelsea are now in the midst of a run of equally challenging games, and having navigated themselves to a draw against Leicester at the weekend, they now have Manchester United coming to Stamford Bridge after this two week break.

Then comes Tottenham, and Bayern in the Champions League, both also at home. All of these games will be difficult to win, without question, but they also provide a potential platform for more impressive victories.

6 points from the Manchester United and Tottenham games would go a long way to deciding who gets into the Champions League for example. The Bayern game is pretty much a free hit – we’re not expected to qualify, so even a good performance or a win in one of the legs would be impressive to keep the fans happy.

Of course losing all three would be a blow, but given the impressive account of themselves this team has given in bigger games this year, where there is more space to play on the counter attack, we have faith we won’t be losing three on the spin at home.

So rather than looking at them as tough games his team could well lose, the Chelsea manager should consider his good record in similar games this season, and regard them as big opportunities to restore some confidence and optimism to a season that is rapidly drifting into disappointment.

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Brent Wherry
Brent Wherry
8 months ago

For sure. The upcoming games are probably defining in terms of our season. But we stay positive. There is far too much slagging off of the Board and individual players. This is not what supporters do. The description “supporters” says what they should do – support.